Our assortment

In our assortment you will find mostly rugged and rural brocante with a touch of vintage and antique. What people touch in this living style is the honest appearance. Pure, raw, unadorned furniture and decoration have a unique history that you may best be read. Basic materials such as wood, straw and linen that can be themselves. They need no embellishment, they are beautiful as they are. At most they need one another. Use that and you do not have the same two interiors. How do you translate that into a comfortable and cozy home without being museum-like? Mix your own furniture with our unique and tough, rough details, and you create art. Be inspired by TheJo’s Tijdloos!

This website gives you a little idea of what to expect from us. However, to get a total picture and tasting the atmosphere, we invite you to visit our store on the Dorpstraat 60B in Maasbree or visit our Facebook page. Perhaps you will find there that item you’re looking for all along, or that one item find you …. 

Do you have a question about or interest in a product, do not hesitate to contact us.